My Artworks


This all image is belonging by me. Don’t try to RE-credit this image without my permission!

Thank’s and Enjoy~~ ^^


20 thoughts on “My Artworks

  1. sumveeh dah,lg2 jeles ngliat org2 pd bisa bwt poster ff bgus pke bingit kya gtoh*lirikatas*
    uda b’kali2 ak coba tp ttp ga bisa! pdhal ak jg uda cri mcem2 tutorial di embah ugel*google woy-_-*
    ak buka tutorials diatas kog g ada isiny ya? buatin tutorial’a donk unnie, jeballllllll!!!! Harusss!!*todongin pisang-_-* ak pen bsa bwt poster2 keren ky punya unnie..
    btw, unnie pke photoshop cs brp?

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